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Cementing BRICS together

China Daily 22 Oct 2021
These papers outlined how the emerging economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China promised continued high growth rates, better per-dollar returns for investors and projected their expanding share in global governance ... China stood apart by consistently increasing its lead, while the others, especially Russia and Brazil, have been held back.

Russia continues to add gold to the country’s huge forex reserves

Russia Today 21 Oct 2021
In 2020, Russia’s reserves surged by over $40 billion despite the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the economy, which forced the government to increase spending to support businesses and households. Russia holds the world’s fifth largest foreign currency reserves, worth over $618 billion as of September 1.

Russian regulators want to mine crypto through wasted flare gas

Cryptoslate 21 Oct 2021
Alexander Zhuravlev, the Chairman of the Commission on Legal Support of the Digital Economy of the Moscow Branch of the Russian Bar Association highlighted that Russia’s oilmen could capitalize on this to “create data centers or provide their excess capacity as “mining ...

Azerbaijan keen to expand cooperation, invites Malaysian companies to invest

Malaysian National News Agency 21 Oct 2021
“These liberated territories have been declared as zones of green economy and green energy by Ilham Aliyev, President of Azerbaijan ... The war, also known as the Second Karabakh War, erupted on Sept 27, 2020, and ended through an agreement on Nov 10, brokered by Russia’s President Vladimir Putin.

Russia’s big cats claw back territory under Kremlin protection

The Irish Times 21 Oct 2021
With Russia’s economy crumbling, state enterprises dying and crime and corruption rampant, forests were plundered for timber, game and – for those who by chance or design came upon a big cat – pelts that could fetch a small fortune on the black market and body parts that were in demand over the porous border in China ... Inside Russia.

Energy crunch hits global recovery

Shenzhen Daily 21 Oct 2021
The world is gripped by an energy crunch — a fierce squeeze on some of the key markets for natural gas, oil and other fuels that keep the global economy running and the lights and heat on in homes ... Demand rose sharply as the economy rebounded from the pandemic, while a cold winter depleted reserves.

Ukraine hits all-time death record amid vaccine hesitancy

Beaumont Enterprise 21 Oct 2021
Despite the rising contagion, the government has been reluctant to introduce another lockdown, trying to avoid further damage to the economy weakened by the conflict with neighboring Russia, which annexed Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula in 2014 and threw its weight behind a separatist insurgency in the country's eastern industrial heartland.

The geopolitics of the Arctic: What it means for the EU, Russia and India

Hindustan Times 21 Oct 2021
Cooperation on researching the melting permafrost in the Arctic region can bring together the EU, Russia and India ... The EU-Russia dynamic ... These measures are likely to cause some friction with nations whose economies are still dependent on hydrocarbons, especially the export of fossil fuels, including Russia.

Russia Fulfills Plans for Transition to 'Green' Economy - Putin

Urdu Point 21 Oct 2021
MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 22nd October, 2021) Russia as a whole is implementing plans for a transition to a "green" ...

Johnson tells world nation is rolling out 'green carpet' to meet its climate agenda

China Daily 21 Oct 2021
... Catalyst that will see the billionaire direct 200 million pounds ($276 million) of investment into the UK economy, to fund green power initiatives ... The report singles out 15 major economies, including Australia, Russia, Saudi Arabia, the United States, and the UK, for criticism.

Ukraine’s COVID deaths hit record amid vaccine hesitancy

East Bay Times 21 Oct 2021
It’s keen to avoid further damage to an economy weakened by the conflict with neighboring Russia — which annexed Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula in 2014 and threw its weight behind a separatist insurgency in the country’s eastern industrial heartland ... “I’m against the lockdown for the sake of (the) economy.” ... Q&A ... .

Letter: Time to adopt a new way forward for all people

Rocky Mount Telegram 21 Oct 2021
There are times when decades pass with seemingly little happening and there are times during which decades happened in days. Now is such a time. The breakup of the capitalist imperial system represented by the USA and Western Europe is happening apace ... The U.S ... It is focusing on ramping up a disastrous war with the rising economies of Russia and China.

Setback in overseas drilling, mining

Korea Times 21 Oct 2021
Korea should have farsighted policy to secure resources ... Securing energy and mineral resources is directly linked to the country's national security, going beyond its economy. Analysts say that Europe, which relies on Russia for half of its natural gas demand, could be held hostage by the former leader of the communist bloc ... .

Donald Trump drops a dime on USA

New York Post 21 Oct 2021
But now, with the Afghan problem, migrant problem, aging problem, homeless problem, economy problem, unemployment problem, China, Russia, Israel, North Korea, gun violence, climate change, health care, poverty, infrastructure, racism, personal security, unbelievable spending, ...

Prioritizing electrification

PV Magazine 21 Oct 2021
31 ... From pv magazine 10/2021 ... For most buildings, heat pumps are the optimal solution ... Cost hurdle ... District heating is another complement to electrification, offering economies of scale for metropolitan areas. Popular in China, Russia, and Europe, district heating is largely fossil-fueled today, but offers multiple avenues for decarbonization ... ....

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